Details for 100% Pashmina Cashmere Ring Shawl - Winter White (PD083)

This 100% Pashmina Cashmere Ring Shawl is so called because the weave is fine enough to pass through a wedding ring. This is a classic wedding shawl design; perfectly plain so that it doesn’t distract from your dress. warm but lightweight and with a beautiful soft drape.  A shawl that you will wear for years to come and which will remind you of your special day.

Size 70 x 180cms with a long fringe.


This shawl is Winter White - it is an off-white colour.  As this weave lets light pass through, the colour is not dense and this allows it to tone with more shades of ivory white.  However it is not a stark white colour.

SALE PRICE £50.00 (Usually £74.50)

70 x 180 cm (28 x 72 inches)
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White - Winter
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